Monday, April 06, 2009

Moving on

I am probably not going to post in here much and do most of my posting on Dan Boyd.  Every now and then I might post a story though.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sample Story

This happened to me after staying out all night during Labor Day weekend:

So I left on my bike and was cruising at high velocity when I realized the time was around 6:30 AM.  Before leaving work the night before I discovered one of my doubly employed coworkers starting time was 6:30 AM at Donna's (a restaurant across from Bradley's). They do donuts and breakfast sandwiches (Bradley's does not, I won't wake up that early); Kyle told me she would bring them to Bradley's when she arrives at 12:30 PM so I thought, "Hey! I'll get food on my way home!"  So I pulled up to Donna's on my bike and banged on the glass and comicly returned my coworker's (Kyle) confused looks.  She (yes, Kyle is a girl) couldn't open the doors because they didn't open until 7 and told me to go around back, but I didn't know where that was so I just gave ridiculous confused yet demanding looks of hunger and flashed cash with which I intended to purchase donuts.  I felt bad as she talked to her other employees as she came back with a negative look about her about the whole experience.  At that point I decided I could go with out the donuts since she was going to bring them to me later anyway.  I used hand signals to relay, "See you at Bradley's," by double pointing at my eyes, then her, then finally over at Bradley's. I rode off into the hoizon.. until I reached my street where as I pulled into the driveway on bike I heard, "He's back!" and then noticed my father walking the dog about fifteen feet away.  They were on their way into the front door and I went in through the garage to leave my bike there before entering the main abode.  I then proceeded to explain my decision to only have three hours of sleep before a long day of work; I was very convincing (not really).  I then had some food at home then went to sleep... woke up a few hours later.  Details from here out are relatively mundane so here out, but one highlight is me sitting on the floor in front of the freezer taking ice cream out of a tub my hand and eating it for breakfast out of my elder's line of sight as to not attract criticism (it was a healthy start to the day, coffee flavored).

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Panic at the Hoagie Shop

I had a good day today but there was one moment I wish to share. I was wrapping orders around lunchtime and since there were only 3 people in the kitch I had to pull double duty between the fryer and wrapping. I was on the ball with the fry stuff but didn't have time to wrap it. So Bill comes back so there's four and I focus only on wrapping but it's already a little bit complicated because I am still thinking about the food down in the fryer and wrapping is behind. I get two orders out and then on the next two I accidentally mixed up a container with 10 wings with a salad container by reading the slip wrong, I gave it out but quickly realized my mistake and got it back. When I went for the salad it wasn't finished because it still needed noodles. I tried to get the order with the wings out but I still needed a sandwich. John making the salad asks if we have more noodles and I say we do and where they are. Meanwhile the girls upfront and looking at me asking me if the order I almost handed out is done yet but I still needed the salad. Bill brings a bunch of sandwiches over and tells me to get a completely different dine in order out but I am still trying to get the other two out. Everyone was asking me questions like John who can't find the noodles, the girls are asking for orders and it felt like everyone was looking at and telling me "FASTER!" I broke into a panic and started telling people to back off and was telling peoplee I am working on it and to hold on. Then Bill asks why I can't get one order out (this is all in the span of a minute and a half). I start to say "CALM DOWN!" relatively loudly then 1/2 way through I realize I am the loudest person and everyone else is talking softly and not asking for anything. I think I have voices in my head that put massive pressure on me at all times. It all got sorted out but my chest felt tight afterwards and I needed to catch my breathe for a few minutes. In retrospect it is really funny that I freaked out for no reason at all, but I think I have serious issues with stress and pressure.